Blonde queen on the spotlight

Blake Lively

She`s super known especially from hit series Gossip Girl. Serena Van der  Woodsen, she has style, she`s a queen, but not Queen B. 

S, or super gourgeos girs, sweet, summer girl, special, sophisticated, spotlight girl. 

She was dressed by Eric Daman who architectured  her damn lovely look and helped her to create her image of a girl who came back and turn the world down.

Blake Lively c`est le plus beau fille de Gossip Girl. Poarquoi je dis ca? Parce que Nate l`adore et Dan l`aime et beaucoup de gens sont amoreaux d`elle. Maintenant je veux vous montrer quelques images qui a fait d`elle un fashion idol et un film icon.



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